The Traditional Rug BeniOurain

Are you searching for a traditional rug? A rug that can make your room look sophisticated and fashionable at the same time. Well then, the BeniOurain rug is probably suited best for you. Must be wondering what is BeniOurain rug? How is it made? What is its cost? Is BeniOurain rug is good? And more.

In this section, you will know everything about it.

What is BeniOurain rug?

BeniOurain rugs are a handmade product made from 100% pure sheep wool and 100% undyed. These rugs are considered to be the most comfortable rug. They also represent the traditions and culture of Morocco.

History of beniourain rugs

The account takes us back to the Berber tribes of Atlas mountain in the region of Taza, Morocco. The sheep of this region are known to produce the best wool in the world because of its soft texture. In past, most of the rugs are woven by the Berber women and each rug has its own story of life. Every rug represents the life of the Berber tribes. Usually, the designs of rugs show the natural events and aspects such as birth, fertility, nature, beliefs, rural life, and spirituality. These rugs are handwoven and naturally dyed with henna, almond leaves, and indigo. Beni Ourain rugs add a vintage and warm feel to any room. These rugs are so thick and have a long-lasting life, also it offers so much warmth. Most of the rugs consist of black or brown geometric pattern. The traditional BeniOurain rugs were not mass-produced that’s why no two rugs are the same. Importantly, these rugs represent the whole life of the Berber tribes of Morocco. So if you love the traditional item, BeniOurain rugs are the best option to be chosen.