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Selling a house online: advantages

If you are considering the idea of ​​relying on the internet for the sale of your property , the advantages of online are many:




Compared to the past, in fact, the channels for promoting a property, especially in a city are closer at hand. Independently , you can write the announcement, post photos, make use of online suppliers to amplify the visibility of the property and send the documents electronically where possible, to the competent bodies

It is clear that the preparation of the documents, the success of the photographs, the home staging and the achievement of the interested target are all in your hands.

It seems easy, even if over time you lose contact with people, those same people who, thanks to many years of experience in the real estate sector, know how to advise you and direct you to the right audience, helping you to finalize the sale of the property at the best conditions market and with a satisfaction that is not always guaranteed by independent online sales.

But let’s see immediately what are, then, the disadvantages of relying on the internet to sell a house.

Evaluate your property

Real estate is often seen in advertising at totally busted figures. The amount spent on the purchase in a period of market fluctuation is not the amount that will be made in the sale, similarly if you do not have a good knowledge of the market you could underestimate your home and risk some rip-off. For the evaluation you start from the commercial meters, you have to compare the proposals and the sales in the area, comparing your home with similar properties, apply and consider particular characteristics of the property (garden, lift, state, services).