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West Penn Power Electric Rates

West Penn Power offers a range of programs that allow customers to save money on their electricity bills and encourage energy efficiency. As part of the FirstEnergy Corporation, the company serves more than one million residential customers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. If you are currently a customer or are considering switching electric providers it’s important to be aware of the charges you see on your monthly statement.

There are two kinds of charges that are visible on your West Penn Power energy bill that are delivery and supply. The delivery charge is for the utility’s infrastructure, which delivers electricity to your business or home like poles and wires. You can regulate the charge for supply (the amount you pay for each kilowatt hour of electricity) by choosing an energy provider who offers lower rates than the default supplier set by your utility, referred to as “Price to Compare.”

Pennsylvania’s deregulated energy market allows you to choose your own electricity provider. West Penn Power electricity can be cheaper if you switch energy providers. If you find a plan that meets your budget and requirements, it is simple to switch to a different supplier – all you have to do is complete two or more billing cycles for your new supplier’s plan to take effect. Your utility will continue to provide the electricity, maintain the lines and handle outages just as they have always done.

If you’re an existing customer of default service or proactively shopped for the best electricity rates and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission says many non-shopping customers will likely to experience significant increases on their bills starting June 1. The utility’s default electricity supply rates are expected to increase by an average of $34 per month for residential customers who consume 200 kWh a month.

west penn power customers will save money by switching to an electric provider licensed in their state that offers lower rates than the default rate of their utility. Arbor’s Arbor website makes it simple to find competitive rates by simply entering a ZIP code, and the tool then checks the availability of thousands of plans in your service area. In the majority of instances, Arbor finds better rates than your utility’s Price to Compare.

To start, open the link in a secure browser and type in your West Penn Power account number located on your bill for energy and your 5-digit ZIP code. After you have signed up, make sure to log in frequently and note when your current contract expires. This will keep you from being rolled over to an increased fixed or variable rate when your current contract expires.

You can also sign up for eBill to receive electronic copies of the West Penn Power energy bills every month. You can also contact the customer service number that appears on your bill to request paper bills.