Natural Gas Rates

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE)

BGE is an authorized utility company that provides electricity and gas to commercial and residential customers throughout the state of Maryland. The Maryland Public Service Commission oversees the company and charges customers on an hourly basis or on a rate basis.

BGE provides a range of services for its customers, including bill pay online as well as moving/remodeling assistance, outage reporting, storm reports, and tools for energy assessments. BGE also promotes energy efficiency by offering rebates and discounts for smart home systems, appliances, and lighting upgrades.

Customers have generally praised customer service provided by the company, stating that they receive prompt replies and provide helpful service. Customers also appreciate the company’s efforts to improve energy efficiency.

The company has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community. Employees are volunteers to support local schools and non-profit organizations. Its charitable activities include providing funding and assistance to educational initiatives, neighborhood development cultural activities, as well as other community-based projects.

About BGE

baltimore gas and electric was founded in 1816 by Rembrandt Peale, William Gwynn, and three other partners. It was the first American gas company and pioneered natural gas-based heating, and electricity.

Today, BGE delivers and manages electricity and natural gas to homes, businesses and schools throughout the state. It is an affiliate of Exelon Corp. and one of the largest utilities of the United States.

It is primarily responsible for delivering natural gas and electricity to consumers’ homes and businesses through its network of power lines. It is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that supports the grid and responds quickly to outages or emergencies.

During the 20th century’s early years, BGE expanded its operations by acquiring smaller competitors, installing hydroelectric facilities on the Susquehanna River, and replacing manufactured gas with natural gas that was cleaner burning.

It continued to expand its services by adding natural gas pipelines after the wars. It eventually upgraded its power stations to turbine generators to boost the power output.

The current BGE system is comprised of more than 1 million miles of high voltage transmission lines as well as 200,000 low-voltage distribution lines. The BGE network is comprised of a huge number of substations and transformers.

BGE collaborates with its suppliers to ensure customers are supplied with a reliable natural gas and electric supply. This includes testing, repairing and replacing outdated technologies.

Its investments are aimed at increasing reliability, lowering costs and laying the foundations for more renewable energy resources. These projects are expected to boost the economy and create jobs.

BGE has a long history of providing reliable electricity and natural gas to its customers. Its reputation for quality and service has made it a popular choice among commercial and residential customers throughout Maryland.

Federal regulators have given the company a high rating because of its reputation for safety, reliability and quality. Fitch Ratings, an independent credit agency, has given it an A- rating.

BGE offers two rate plans to assist residential customers in saving money — Standard Offer Service or Time of Use. The former is flat rate that has been approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission. The second is a variable rate that adjusts on a semi-annual or monthly basis. The company’s website provides an myRates tool that can help customers determine which plan is best for them.